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  • What is a Buyer's Agent?

    In the state of Georgia, you must request representation in writing before working with an agent. There are a lot of great agents out there, and in some markets an Exclusive Buyers' Agency (EBA) is not available so you are forced to take your chance with an agent that may or may not be representing your needs when it comes time to write an offer. Here are some of the benefits of using an EBA: Buyer's Agent represents the BUYER only. Seller's Agent Represents SELLER Goal is to get the best price for the BUYER. Seller's Agent goal is to get the best price for SELLER. Owes fiduciary duty to BUYER. Owes fiduciary duty to SELLER. Must give all information to the BUYER. Cannot share some information with the buyer. Must keep buyer's information and motivation confidential. Must share all information with SELLER. This list is not inclusive. Bottom line, what does it mean to you as a buyer? If I am your agent, and you tell me that you love a house and want to offer $200K (but will go up to $225K if necessary), I WILL NOT share that information with the seller. If you go directly to the listing agent and have the same conversation, the seller's agent IS REQUIRED to tell the seller that you are offering $200K but will pay $225K! Buyers may buy 3 or 4 homes in their lifetime; I make my living by bringing a offer to closing. Buying a home can be stressful. Isn't it worth your while to work with an agent who understands your needs and works exclusively for your goals? The listing agent typically pays the buyers' agent for bringing a buyer to the table, so these additional services to you can be at no additional cost to you. Some Realtors are not thrilled when an educated consumer seeks out an EBA, just as the attorney in a law case would prefer you to not seek legal counsel. The less you are represented, the better they can represent their seller, and in many instances their office will make twice as much by keeping you from being professionally represented. Check out some of our testimonials, then let us help you find your dream home!

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